USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project


Project info

Start Date: April 2017
Duration: 5 years
Implementer: Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC)
Partners: Ministry of Education and Science (MoES), key educational institutions, all municipalities and schools in Macedonia.
Objective: To improve interethnic integration through enabling positive interactions among ethnically diverse youth at school and community level, and improving civic education contents, skills and behaviors, and volunteering practices of youth.
Target Group: All primary and secondary schools and municipalities.

Component 1: Strengthening Interethnic Cohesion in the Education System
Through continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, key educational institutions and municipalities, YEI will foster opportunities for interaction among schools from different communities and create better ethnic cohesion among youth.
Component 2: Strengthen Democratic Culture and Civic Behaviors Among Youth
In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science, YEI will support changes to the civic education contents and introduce methods to promote active involvement of students in school and community decision-making processes.
Component 3: Schools Incentives/ Renovations
As an incentive for schools to participate in project activities for improving interethnic cohesion and developing democratic and civic values and behaviors among youth, YEI will renovate schools and improve learning conditions.

Expected results:
– Close working relationship between YEI and the MoES.
– Local and central governments initiate actions for interaction among ethnically diverse youth, school staff and parents.
– Youth equipped with knowledge and skills necessary to be active and productive citizens in their community and society.
– Civic Education content reshaped in collaboration with the MoES and other key education institutions based on participatory feedback solicited from a wide range of stakeholders.
– Over 50 schools renovated to create positive conditions for learning for tens of thousands of youth.
– Increased interethnic cohesion among youth.
– Sustained process of active engagement of municipal education officials enhanced and established.


The Youth Ethnic Integration Project is funded by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Project Schools

During the first project year – 2017/2018, the planned activities will be implemented in 40 selected primary and secondary schools in 9 municipalities in Macedonia. Moreover, the project will implement creative workshops and forum theater methodology in additional 8 secondary schools.

The feedback and good practices from the pilot schools will be used to improve the program before increasing the number of participating schools in the upcoming years.

The list of YEI Pilot Schools can be found here:

YEI Pilot schools

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