USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project


Project info

Duration: April 2017 April 2022
Implementer: Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC)
Partners: Ministry of Education and Science (MoES), key educational institutions, all municipalities and schools in North Macedonia
Objective: To improve interethnic integration through enabling positive interactions among ethnically diverse youth at school and community level, and improving civic education contents, skills and behaviors, and volunteering practices of youth
Target Group: All primary and secondary schools and municipalities

Component 1: Strengthening Interethnic Cohesion in the Education System
Through continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, key educational institutions and municipalities, the project fosters opportunities for interaction among schools from different communities and create better ethnic cohesion among youth.
Component 2: Strengthen Democratic Culture and Civic Behaviors Among Youth
In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science, the project supports changes to the civic education contents and introduces methods to promote active involvement of students in school and community decision-making processes.
Component 3: Schools Incentives/ Renovations
As an incentive for schools to participate in project activities for improving interethnic cohesion and developing democratic and civic values and behaviors among youth, the project renovates schools and improves learning conditions.

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Success Stories

Interview with Branko Aleksovski, advisor at the VETC: It is very important to see multiethnicity as an asset

Teachers trained for the new Civic Education curriculum

Youth action in the City Park in Skopje

Youth action: The schoolyard of the SS “Jane Sandanski” with a new look

Young people from Kumanovo volunteered to clean a park

Students from Strumica will arrange the schoolyard of “Jane Sandanski” secondary school

Students from Cvetan Dimov secondary school with a humanitarian action

Young people from Gostivar with a volunteer action for arranging the quay

Interview with Dragan Jankov and Bedri Gjureci – school directors in Strumica and Saraj

Sandra and Besar – Different ethnic communities, common interests and goals

Students from Gostivar got acquainted with each other and located local problems

Activities for interethnic integration in schools continue

Interview with Zoran Uzunov: Students should learn both about each other and from each other

Through trainings for technical staff to healthy learning environment

The business sector and municipalities will support youth initiatives

The new Civic Education concept promoted

First place for the students from SS “Arseni Jovkov”

Young people from Butel meet the Mayor of the City of Skopje

Interview with Daniela Adamova: Democracy is learned through practicing democracy, not only through books and lectures

Joint school clubs for a better interethnic integration

Interview with Oliver Stanojoski: Students equipped with knowledge as well as civic skills

The teacher training cycle for Civic Education has begun

Training for creative workshops for teachers organized

Interview with Nigjar Nagavci: Young people from all ethnic groups have the same problems, desires, interests and goals

Working meeting with schools held

Roundtable on the role of schools in promoting interethnic integration

A youth camp in Ohrid

Joyous atmosphere at the public presentation of joint student activities  

Interview with Verce Petrova: While in school, the students grow, develop and learn about coexistence 

The primary school students from Butel celebrated the International Peace Day

Roundtable discussion about the role of the media in the promotion of interethnic integration and civic and democratic values among youth

Working meeting of the Working Group for Interethnic Integration in Education

A series of final events from the creative workshops organized

Students from Bitola: We all breathe the same air, and that is why we should care

Through sport and fun to youth integration

The primary school students in Butel adorned their school wall

Youth from Butel shared their ideas for improving the community with the Mayor

The primary school “Marsal Tito” from Strumica conducted a campaign for a better safety of pedestrians…

Students from the Nikola Vapcarov primary school in Strumica in a joint class

Students, Teachers, Parents and Experts Discussed the Air Pollution

We are learning about the solar system

Students made the yard of the Tetovo school “Andrea Savevski Kikis” more beautiful

Primary school students from Bitola organized an educational debate on the topic “Water for all”

The voice of the youth from Gostivar: Together we act for a better life for all

We locate the problem, we seek a solution

Youth debate in Strumica

The primary school students from the village of Bistrica “chose democracy”

The Integrated Youth Act Locally: The Cycle of Youth Debates Has Started

Forum theatre as a tool for better solutions to students’ problems

First place for the students of the primary school “Marsal Tito” from the village of Murtino

Teachers learned how to use creativity to improve interethnic integration

The promotion of civic education curriculum continues

Initial meeting with representatives of pilot schools and municipalities

The New USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project has been launched

Teachers and parents join forces to inspire youth

Planning of future activities with the Working Group for Integrated Education

Messages for peace and unity at the #YEIforPeaceDay



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