What do the students of SS “Zdravko Cvetkovski” think about the joint classes?



These past few months I have had the opportunity to participate in IIE (Interethnic Integration in Education Project) classes. As a joint task we had to design a pavilion which is planned to be built in the school yard.

At first, we were divided into several groups and each group was given a task that in some way led to several different aspects of the activity such as the design stage where we made a plan and divided the material. We also started a research activity and, once we have measured the given places, we started analyzing the space.

The IIE classes had a very positive effect on me, because the very participation in the classes contributed to making new friendships, coming across different characters and opinions. In addition, I gained experience in teamwork that required responsibility, discipline and attention that each of us fulfilled.

On the other hand, as we already know, architecture is a profession that requires a lot of dedication, endurance, creativity and organization, so the fact that we had approached this responsibility together made us feel satisfied for perfecting our craftsmanship. We built relationships based on trust and respect and we cooperated in fulfilling our responsibilities.

Once we have completed the analysis and the design, we came up with a solution that met all expectations and fulfilled all our wishes. I would certainly still like to participate in more IIE classes, because the result of our teamwork will be an inspiration for same or similar projects in the future.


In recent months, I have had the opportunity to participate in the project for interethnic integration. We had a joint task with our friends from the Macedonian side. The teachers divided us into mixed groups and gave us assignments to complete. At the beginning we had some problems in communicating with each other due to the insufficient knowledge of each other’s language, but very quickly we overcame those difficulties and performed the tasks with ease.

I have a very good opinion of the joint classes because I have made many friends and we have exchanged various ideas.

Because engineering is done in groups, this project has helped us to learn to coordinate with everyone. We were very respected by the teachers and we had a great time. If I am given another opportunity, I would like to be part of this project again.