What do the students of SS “Vlado Tasevski” think about the joint classes?


Glorija and Tamara:

The joint classes were something new and unusual for all of us. For us the most positive thing about the joint classes was the opportunity to socialize with new students. Although we had different religious backgrounds, we were all equal.

Together we learned and mastered new things we had not known before. We worked together on the tasks given to us by our professors. Although we the students did not talk very much, we still felt fulfilled every second of the class because we were all together, without any division. It was harder for us that the classes were online. We were timid because we did not know each other.

We are grateful to our professors for making our classes interesting. They tried very hard to explain everything and be our teachers. We are certain that when we are allowed to physically attend school again, we will be more relaxed in the classes and we will see our new friends.


First of all, I am honored to have the opportunity to be among the students who have been selected to participate in this project.

It is a very good feeling when there is no interethnic hatred among young people. We held joint classes with the Macedonian class and didn’t have a single problem.

We have learned to be the same and there is no discrimination, we have fun with various quizzes, some are doing better, some not so much, but that does not matter; what is important is to understand that we are good to each other, that we are polite and understanding. The biggest lesson and benefit is that we have realized that we are all people and we hope and try to be better to each other!