What do the students of SS “Josip Broz Tito” think about the joint classes?



The joint classes with the students from the Macedonian language of instruction were a beautiful, new and exciting experience for me. First of all, I would like to thank our school and our English teachers for allowing us this kind of interaction. Although it was held remotely and without physical presence, it still provided us with the opportunity to get to know each other and capture at least some of the atmosphere of their classes.

This joint project, although in times of a pandemic, helped us a lot in terms of meeting new people, our peers. The joint projects presented us with the opportunity to present part of our culture and they had the opportunity to present part of theirs. We also covered the current topics of today and shared our opinions on them. I would like to have similar projects in the future, when we will be allowed to physically attend classes. We can divide ourselves into mixed teams and compete in quizzes or cover a work by a famous author in the form of a play.


Both my classmates and I truly enjoyed the joint classes with the students from the Turkish language of instruction and we would like to have them next year as well. This year we managed to learn a lot of new things and these classes also allowed us to make new friends. We covered many topics such as: “Aliens”, “Greed for Power”, “6 Jobs that will not Exist in 50 years” and many others.

The most interesting topic of these classes was the one we covered last, where we researched and made projects for “Easter” and “Eid Mubarak”. These researches have taught us a lot about Christian and Islamic holidays. The classes were completely filled with discussions, making videos and exercises that gave us the opportunity to express ourselves creatively.

Of course, this year, due to the pandemic, the classes were held online and we could not fully experience the atmosphere of working together. I hope next year everything will be fine and we can hang out again.


Being part of this project was a great experience and it means a lot to me. The most important, the most beautiful and the most fun thing about them was meeting new friends, peers, characters. I had really nice moments and experiences during the entire project.

The best experience was that we all got involved in discussions on certain topics, everyone shared their opinions and experiences and we were given an unlimited freedom on working on the project and the researches, which allowed us to acquire new knowledge and set new goals. Given that it helped us socialize, think and find new solutions, I would like to rejoin the project if it is realized again next year. This year the project was implemented online, but I hope next year it will be with a physical presence, which would make it even more successful.


I think that the joint classes are very useful. All students who were part of these classes had the opportunity to meet each other, share their opinions and improve our knowledge.

These classes were organized by our English teacher Nevenche Stefanova and the English teacher Shirin Shaban. They tried to make our classes interesting, while also being instructive and useful.

We discussed many topics together, such as: “Aliens”, “Six Jobs that Actually Exist”, “Easter”, “Eid Mubarak”. Through presentations, texts, videos and conversations we managed to familiarize ourselves and learn more about the two religions.

Due to the situation we are all in, our classes were held online. We would all like and hope that next school year we will have the opportunity to hold these classes at school with physical presence.