What do the students of SS “Dimitar Vlahov” think about the joint classes?



I am really satisfied with the IIE classes that we held with our English teacher Ajlin Karahsan and one of the Albanian classes. What was most striking to me about these classes was that I was both improving my English and learned a few new words in Albanian.


I am a student of the third year. We are holding our practical classes with physical presence. I’m sorry that this last year is taking place online. But, the best and most interesting thing this year were the joint classes with lll-3. The teacher Svetlana and the teacher Nuriman made our lessons very interesting.

We worked together with Tiana, Berna, Antan, Albina and the others. There was a lot of humour in the course of the lessons, during the conversations we learned new words that we did not know and the others learned the Albanian language. There were a few mistakes, but that, too, was interesting. We talked a lot about our cultures.

Tiana brought us colorful eggs for Easter. We were breaking them together and it was an experience we have never experienced before. And, when we were celebrating Bajram, I brought them desserts. Although we have completed the III year, we will continue to communicate.


During this school year, we were part of the IIE program. We were joined by an Albanian class. At the beginning, we could not understand what was happening, but as the classes went by, we got to know each other better and improved our cooperation.

We were very happy to have the opportunity to meet new people who went on to become our friends. Unfortunately, the online classes have made our whole friendship difficult, but we hope that next year physical presence will be allowed and we will all hang out together in our school.