Results from the call for application in the Component 3: Incentives to School / Renovation for 2019


The USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project announced a public call for application for participation in Component 3 – Incentives to schools /Renovation in which all primary and secondary schools from all municipalities in the Republic of North Macedonia were invited to participate. The deadline for submission of applications was from February 13, 2019 to February 27, 2019. In the given deadline, applications from 195 schools from 66 municipalities arrived, which were then administered and sent for evaluation to all members of the commission individually.

The members of the commission evaluated all applications, which was a very extensive task that required a lot of time and dedication.  After summarizing the results, a rank list was established which resulted in a list of 12 schools that will be involved in the work of the component in 2019.

We would like to thank all applying schools for their commitment and interest in the application process. We tremendously appreciate your enthusiasm and engagement in the implementation of the activities that promote civic and democratic values among young people and interethnic integration in education.

The list of selected schools is given in the table below.

List of 12 schools selected in component 3 for 2019

No. Region Municipality School Language of instruction
1 Skopje Centar PS Kole Nedelkovski MAC
2 Vardar Veles PS Blaze Koneski MAC
3 Southwest Ohrid PS Vanco Nikoleski MAC
4 Southeast Gevgelija SS Josif Josifovski MAC
5 Skopje Skopje SS Brakja Miladinovci MAC-ALB
6 Skopje Suto Orizari PS Braka Ramiz-Hamid MAC
7 Southwest Kicevo PS Kuzman Josifovski-Pitu MAC
8 Skopje Karpos PS Avram Pisevski MAC
9 Skopje Cair PS Nikola Vapcarev ALB-MAC
10 Polog Bogovinje PS Sabedin Bajrami ALB
11 East Negotino PS Goce Delcev MAC
12 Southeast Konce PS Goce Delcev MAC-TUR

The selection of schools that will be included in Component 3 in 2019 does not necessarily mean that they will be renovated. It will depend on their involvement in the Project activities.