Our work


Areas of work
MCEC implements projects in the areas of:
– Decentralization in education;
– Teacher professional and career development;
– Interethnic integration in education;
– Inclusive school culture and education;
– Formal and non-formal vocational education;
– Improvement of students’ IT skills, English language skills, numeracy and literacy development.

Capacity building for school staff and educational programs
Over the last 15 years, MCEC worked with all primary and secondary schools, involving all relevant stakeholders in project activities. For over 30.000 educational stakeholders, MCEC has provided training in several programs. By applying a whole school approach that involves teachers, school management representatives, school administration staff and school professional staff, MCEC has supported schools to create systemic changes in their working and learning environment.

School renovations
MCEC has completed over 250 different types of small-scale renovations. As part of this, MCEC worked with the municipalities to define priorities and needed interventions in close cooperation with parents.

Decentralization in education
Since 2004, MCEC has been working with municipalities on strengthening the cooperation between schools and municipalities to enable decentralization. MCEC directed the process of developing local education policies and strengthening the capacities of municipalities to establish a mechanism for linking schools with government at local level.

Surveys and research
MCEC has conducted numerous baseline surveys in the field of education, to subsequently measure the impact on the quality of interventions as well as on the students’ achievements, including evaluation of the teachers’ knowledge, skills and competences.

Publications and community outreach
MCEC has published and disseminated more than 97.000 manuals, brochures and other publications and know-how materials to institutions, municipalities and schools throughout North Macedonia. MCEC has also developed video materials and cartoons to raise awareness for specific educational topics. In addition, MCEC has organized different public outreach events, including projects launch events, national and international conferences whereby events were covered by national and local media outlets.

Cooperation with local and international NGOs
MCEC has worked with 20 local organizations to provide mentoring on financial management and reporting, advocacy, M&E, and networking between schools and municipalities, whereby each of the organizations provided their own specific expertise and experience in enriching joint projects’ activities. MCEC has cooperated with more than 20 international NGOs to implement joint projects in the Balkan region, EU, and USA.