World Bank Primary Education Improvement Project: Technical Assistance for revision of school improvement framework, functional analysis and design and rollout of school grants program


Duration: April 2022 – March 2025
Donator: World Bank in North Macedonia

Implementer: Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC)

Goal: Provision of technical assistance to the MOES and SEI, in, improving the quality assurance system in order to modernize and synchronize the self-evaluation and the integral evaluation systems as well as provide advice for improving the SIP scheme, logistic and expert support in providing training of key stakeholders in order to ensure uniformity in understanding of the SPQI framework as well as raise awareness about the importance of the quality improvement culture.

Project description: Within the framework of the Primary Education Improvement Project (PEIP), which is implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science, through a World Bank grant, МCEC works with the State Education Inspectorate to strengthen the indicators for evaluating the schools quality, improving the framework for integral evaluation and self-evaluation of primary schools and school development planning; improvement of effectiveness, efficiency and responsibility of DPI; as well as designing a program for school grants.

The main goal of the project is to contribute to a more efficient and effective quality assesment process, which will be linked to the grant program for the most successful schools.

Expected results:

  • Improvement of the self-evaluation & integral evaluation framework and quality assurance indicators;
  • Improvement of the SIP (Development plan) and strengthening its role;
  • Improving the efficiency & administrative capacity of SEI;
  • Design of a school grant program
  • Propose school accountability tools and mechanisms
  • Develop and prepare training program for different stakeholder groups 
  • Prepare technical specification for design and development of software for SEI