PEACOCK – Peace through co-operation, competences and knowledge


Partner and supported by: Zürich University of Teacher Education (PH Zürich)
Duration: January 2019 – December 2022
Objective: To contribute to the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups through the fostering of life skills in the classroom

The cooperation between the Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC), Bureau for Development of Education (BDE) and PH Zürich started in 2017 with the project Families and Children in Education (FACE). FACE is a life skills-based educational programme which was introduced to 7 pilot schools in North Macedonia. It aimed at supporting children from a disadvantaged background, especially Roma children, to become aware of their competences and skills. By actively teaching students life skills and self-competences, the project worked on raising their self-esteem, helping them recognize the value of school and education. The PH Zürich provided in-service training about FACE to 30-45 teachers in the pilot schools. The materials and the approach were well received by students and teachers alike.

The project PEACOCK – Peace through cooperation, competences and knowledge will build upon the experiences made in FACE. This project will introduce additional material from Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human Right Education (HRE) and media competences.

In cooperation with the PH Zürich, a training module for student teachers and one for experienced teachers will be designed.  This should have an effect not only on the students in schools, but also on the teaching and learning culture of the teachers who will implement the programme in their classes.

The FACE materials will be the basis for these initial and in-service trainings. They will be supplemented with other teaching material developed by the PH Zürich, covering topics such as life skills, job orientation and media competences. A handbook for teachers will be developed to provide the necessary support in everyday teaching.