Еmpowering school principals for inclusive school culture


Duration: December 2019 – December 2022

Implementers: Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC), Foundation for Cultural and Education Initiatives “Step by Step” (North Macedonia), Forum for Freedom in Education – FSO (Croatia), Network of Education Policy Centers – NEPC (Croatia), Open Academy Step by Step (Croatia), Education Research Institute (Slovenia), National School for Leadership in Education (Slovenia), NSO-CNA Leadership Academy (the Netherlands)

Goal: To provide support to the schools in developing an inclusive school culture through professionalization of the primary and secondary school principals in Croatia and North Macedonia, drawing on the best practices from Slovenia and the Netherlands. The program focuses on inclusive education and will help build the capacities of the schools in creating an inclusive school culture, as well as creating inclusive school policies and practices through participation in the decision-making process.

Project description: Within the project, an initial survey with school principals, teachers, school support staff and students from 20 high schools (15 project and 5 control schools) in North Macedonia will be conducted in order to determine the baseline of the inclusiveness of the school culture. Once the baseline is determined, a training program for the school principals shall follow, consisted of 5 two-day trainings on the following topics: school management, analysis of school culture, cooperation with social partners, inclusive and quality education, implementation of activities in the school aimed at improving school policies and practices. In order to determine and evaluate the effects of the program, an end line survey will also be conducted. The project shall cooperate with all relevant institutions to support the process of building an inclusive school culture. During the project, promotion activities such as round tables and conferences will also be organized.

Expected results:
• Adoption and implementation of 5 modules for inclusive education for the principals of 15 high schools;
• 15 high school principals improved knowledge and skills to create an inclusive school culture in the schools;
• Students from 15 project schools have a direct benefit from the improved inclusive school culture in their schools, which leads to a more inclusive community and society;
• Raised awareness among the education stakeholders at national level about the relevance of the professional development of the school principals.

More information about the project can be found at the link.