Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides information regarding personal data processed by the Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC) (hereinafter referred to as the “Controller”) whenever visiting our website or submitting data to the controller, in any other form. While collecting any type of personal data information, we act as a controller in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and in accordance with the stated Law, we are obliged to inform each entity about the processing of their personal data. We consider the processing of personal data as a very serious task and all necessary technical and organizational measures are undertaken to protect the processing of the personal data. In addition, when processing the personal data, we are always guided by the principles related to the processing of personal data, i.e. processing only the necessary data in order to meet and fulfil the legal obligations and authorizations.

This policy applies to all categories of personal data entities, whose data are processed in accordance with the above stated law.

Who are we?


Title: Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC)

Address: Str. “Vasil Gjorgov” no. 16 (TC Zebra, 2nd floor) 1000, Skopje

Contact email:

The authorized person for personal data protection is Vladimir Petreski, contact:

Categories of personal data entities

As a controller over the fulfillment of the legal obligations and authorities, set for regular functioning of the organization and for meeting the organization’s goals, as well as in accordance with the nature of the work of the organization, the Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC) processes personal data of the following categories of personal data entities:

  • Visitors of the website – navigation data, i.e. cookies necessary for the normal functioning of the website. For more details, see the Cookie Policy.
  • Employees – in accordance with the Law on Work/Labor Records, and for the purpose of fulfillment of contractual obligations.
  • Candidates for employment – for the purpose of fulfillment of contractual obligations, i.e. for the purpose of employment of a natural person, and in accordance with the will of the candidates in the organization, data for candidates for employment are processed as well.
  • Training participants – based on the consent to participate in trainings organized by the organization, under the activities of the organization, personal data of training participants are processed as well.

How do we collect your personal data?

The personal data of all listed categories are being processed or collected for all visitors of our website, during which only navigation data or cookies necessary for the normal functioning of our website are collected (more information available in the cookie policy).

The website is also used to inform the public about announcements, activities, and data that the organization is obliged to publish about the organization, as well as contact information (address of the organization, telephone number, e-mail and information about the authorized person for personal data protection).

Visitors to our website

When visiting our website, logs with the following data are created for each visitor:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  • The device you are accessing from, type and model.
  • Your operating system.
  • Browser type, plugins and version.
  • The sections and subsections you visit on our website and the time you spend on each section.
  • The URL of the page that redirected you to our website and in some cases, the terms you used when trying to find our website.
  • The language of the browser you are using.
  • Country (specified via IP address).

More information can be found in the Cookie Policy.

Cookie Policy

While administering the website, we strive to respect everyone’s privacy and the protection of all personal data that is collected from visitors who visit the website, during which we act as a controller of personal data in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. The organization’s website uses only required cookies, which allow ensuring normal functioning of the website.

This cookie policy describes the types of cookies the organization uses on the website and the purposes for which they are processed.

Carefully read this cookie policy for all details regarding the use of cookies and the information the organization collects about and from the website visitors.

Which cookies we use and why?

Generally, a website uses a cookie to distinguish a visitor from other visitors of the website. This primarily helps the organization to provide the visitor a good experience when the visitor searches the website and allows the organization to improve it. Cookies are also used to facilitate the operation of the website or to remember the visitors’ activities and preferences, to provide personalized / customized content on the website and to display its navigation history. The organization’s website uses only essential cookies, which allow ensuring normal functioning of the website.

Essential cookies allow the visitor to navigate through the website and use the basic features of the site. Without these cookies, the organization cannot provide the required services.

Contact us

For any questions please contact us at: