Our mission

The Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC) was founded in 2004 with a mission to develop educational programs and provide services to educational and other public institutions, local communities, the non-governmental sector, the business sector and citizens, in order to contribute to the continuous development of the civil society. MCEC’s vision is to provide support to the achievement of democratic changes in society through continuous development of the civil society in which citizens actively participate in decision making processes.

Strategic goals
Our strategic goals include:
– Encouraging citizen participation in the democratic processes of the society;
– Meeting the needs of the community;
– Promotion of the cooperation and coordination between various social structures;
– Cooperation and establishment of networks of cooperation with organizations in the country and abroad;
– Support of the modernization of formal education;
– Development of partnership with the business sector to initiate corporate social responsibility;
– Development and implementation of civic education programs;
– Awareness raising and realization of life-long learning programs.

Values and principles
Our work is guided by the following values and principles:
– Professional and responsible role in the non-governmental sector;
– Providing professionalism in line with the clients’ requests;
– Seeking innovative solutions and methodologies in all programs;
– Commitment to equal treatment of stakeholders;
– Creativity applied to new approaches;
– Ensuring sustainability in carrying out of all activities;
– Active involvement of the beneficiaries in the programs’ development;
– Transparency and accountability in cooperation with the donors and the stakeholders;
– Promotion of democratic citizenship values.