Young people from Butel promoted multiethnic cooperation

At the end of May 2019, a public promotional event was held in the park in the municipality of Butel under the motto “We are the world”, organized within the Strengthening Multiethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project, supported by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation. The event brought together more than 100 students from the “Zivko Brajkovski”, “Petar Zdravkovski Penko” and “Panajot Ginovski” primary schools, and it was also attended by the mayor of the municipality of Butel, Velimir Smilevski.

During the event, the young people presented the final products from their multi-month participation in the school clubs as part of the activities of the Project. The students from the “Zivko Brajkovski” primary school who are members of the club “Programming with microbite”, presented a model of an alarm-detector, which they created within the club. The students from the “Panajot Ginovski” primary school, members of the club “Musketeers of Science”, presented several innovative works – a robot, a model of a city through which electricity has been conducted and a model of the Solar System. The students from the “Petar Zdravkovski Penko” primary school presented the activities they had recently realized in the retirement home “Lika Chopova” in Chair, as part of the school humanitarian club,

During the event, the students also had several musical, ballet and multimedia performances and were given certificates for participation in the school clubs.

Тhe school clubs supported by the Strengthening Multiethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project, were attended by students who otherwise follow the teaching process in different languages of instruction. Such activities enable students from different ethnic backgrounds to get to know each other better and cooperate on different initiatives, under the mentorship of their teachers who also teach in different languages of instruction.

This year, the Project supported joint clubs in 27 primary schools throughout the Republic of North Macedonia, covering over 2,700 students. The main goal of this Project is to improve the interethnic integration in education through implementation of curricular and extracurricular activities with students from different ethnic backgrounds, thus contributing to the strengthening of the multiethnic cooperation in the municipalities. The project is implemented by the Macedonian Civic Education Center, in partnership with the key educational institutions and nine municipalities in the Republic of North Macedonia

This activity is part of the Strengthening Multiethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project, funded by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation.