Visit to Mavrovo National Park to include the out-of-school children

Mavrovo National Park was host to the students from the primary schools “Bratstvo” from Gostivar and “Blaze Koneski” from the village of Prisojnica who are part of the program for support of extracurricular integrative student activities within the project “Inclusion of out-of-school children in the education system”, supported by the Children’s Foundation Pestalozzi.

During the extracurricular activities, all included students discovered the natural beauties and the flora and fauna in the national park and raised their awareness about a clean and healthy environment. They visited the Petko’s trail and the inhabitants of the forest, as well as the management office of Mavrovo National Park where they learnt more about the size of the park, its territory, the natural monuments and the cultural and historical monuments.

At the end, the students jointly collected forest materials such as autumn leaves, cones and acorns to use them for school activities. Some of these activities include drawing autumn fruits and making a book of experiences.

As part of this project, in November and December, the student activities will be implemented in 15 project schools. The students – scholarship holders and their classmates took part in the activities to enable active participation and integration of all students.

This activity is part of the Project for inclusion of out-of-school children in the education system, financed by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science.