Various activities for positive change in the primary schools

The primary schools continue to implement student initiatives in order to overcome their problems and respond to the needs of the people in their community. During the past semester, over 100 primary schools have implemented various activities for positive change supported by the USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project.

The students of the “Mancu Matak” primary school in Krivogastani conducted an action called “A Book for Everyone” in order to encourage the exchange and donation of books in the school library which is open to all residents of the community. They also had an advocacy meeting with the mayor of the municipality where they discussed how to solve the problem of stray dogs.

The students of the “Grigor Prlicev” primary school in Gazi Baba managed in a short period of time to encourage the entire local community to join them in the realization of their ideas. First, accompanied by representatives of the Ministry of Interior – Gazi Baba, they conducted a traffic safety action, directly addressing the drivers through leaflets and messages for careful driving. Then, they planted seedlings in the school yard with the support of a local business and cleaned the area around the Skopje Aqueduct in cooperation with a scout association. They also carried out several other actions about dealing with peer violence, understanding and accepting children with disabilities etc. The entire school took part in the activities, which demonstrated just how much could be achieved when everyone worked together towards the same goal.

“We would not have been successful without the great support we received from the teachers and the school staff”, said the students.

The students of the “Kliment Ohridski” primary school in Oblesevo chose to work on raising environmental awareness in their municipality. They organized and conducted an environmental march and shared messages for environmental protection with the local population. Afterwards, they presented their activities in a video, which helped them to develop their creativity.

Furthermore, the “Boris Trajkovski” primary school in Monospitovo organized a social gathering with the special educational needs students of the “Sv. Kliment Ohridski” Special Primary School in Novo Selo, the Institute for Protection and Rehabilitation – Banja Bansko and PCSPID “Poraka”. All the students made T-shirts designed with their own fingerprints.

This activity is part of the Youth Ethnic Integration Project, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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