Training with secondary school principals on inclusive school culture

During the summer, a training was held with the participation of principals of the project secondary schools, within the project “Empowering school principals for inclusive school culture.” The principals have strengthened their capacity to support a democratic school management structure and professional development of the management staff, which will help them build an inclusive culture in their schools.

During the training they became acquainted with each other and identified and expressed their expectations, needs and desires. They discussed current concepts of the nature of learning and the innovative learning environment and assessed the atmosphere of group work. They also had the opportunity to strengthen their capacities to develop inclusive culture, inclusive school policies and practices and to develop capacities and competencies for inclusive education.

At the end, participants were given the task, as part of their work portfolio, to prepare a case study by conducting a self-evaluation of teachers, parents and students using the inclusion index. It will be shared with other participants in the next training.

 “At the workshop we discussed issues that affect us and found practical solutions. During every part of the training, the trainers motivated us all to be actively involved,” said the training participants.

This activity is part of the project “Empowering school principals for inclusive school culture.” The project focuses on inclusive education, using best practices from Slovenia and the Netherlands.