Training for trainers as a part of Start the Change project

As a part of the Start the Change project, a training for trainers took place with representatives from the three project organizations: Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC), North Macedonia, Forum for Freedom in Education (FFE), Croatia and INOVA+, Portugal. The trainings happened online two times a week, from June 16 to July 2, 2020. Participants in the trainings were representatives from the project organizations and external experts.

Each organization presented itself with training topics, which were elaborated by its experts. MCEC took part with thematic areas connected to interculturalism, media literacy and distance learning. The presentations were inspiring and meaningful recommendations and advice were shared for further work with teachers from the project schools.

The Start the Change project is aimed at fostering and promoting student engagement through the development of inclusive social and educational policies as well as civic competences for active participation of young people in the community.