Training for Teachers Held: Families and Children in Education

At the beginning of June 2018, in the primary school “Brakja Ramiz i Hamid” in Suto Orizari, the trainers Doris Kuehn and Peter Holzwarth from the Zurich University of Teacher Education held a model class with the application of the program Families and Children in Education (FACE).

The class was held with 15 lower grade students and around ten parents, while more than 30 teachers, professional service staff and principals from the seven primary schools involved in the project (PS “Brakja Ramiz i Hamid” in Skopje, PS “Dane Krapcev” in Skopje, PS “Dobre Jovanoski” in Prilep, PS “Gorgi Sugarev” in Bitola, PS “Kiril i Metodij” in Tetovo, PS “Marsal Tito” in Strumica and PS “11 Oktomvri” in Kumanovo) had an opportunity to observe it.

The series of entertainment activities and games with students on the topic of healthy food which were organized during the model class were yet another confirmation that the FACE program enables children to acquire new knowledge and develop life skills in an atmosphere of happiness and satisfaction. The model class was an introduction to the second two-day training under the FACE program, in which the representatives of the schools involved in the project had an opportunity to enhance the previously gained knowledge of the implementation of this program in the education process.

Teachers gained more detailed information: on the self-concept and life skills; how to successfully involve and cooperate with parents; on media competences; how to work on didactic methods as well as assessment of students’ progress.

“FACE contributes to a much larger connection between the students and the teachers” – said one of the teachers who attended the training. “What I would like to apply from the training is leading a constructive conversation with parents” – added another participant.

During the visit to Macedonia, the representatives from the Zurich University had a meeting with the Director and the Vice Director of the Bureau for Development of Education, during which the opportunities for further implementation of the program in Macedonia were considered.

Even though the FACE program is aimed at students from socially vulnerable families, it can be successfully applied with all students.  The materials for workshops, games and activities are available on the following website:

This activity is part of the Families and Children in Education Project, funded by the Zurich University of Teacher Education.