Through sport and recreation to a better integration

At the end of September 2018, more than 30 students from the “Marsal Tito” primary school in the village of Murtino, Strumica participated in an interesting sports activity – Football with hands on the ground. The activity was organized within the school club for physical and health education and it was attended by students from Macedonian and Turkish language of instruction.

During the event, the young people participated in physical exercises and innovative games that influence their proper growth and development and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, this activity has contributed to greater mutual cooperation and friendship among the students from different languages of instructions.

Sport is a great tool for building bridges among young people from different ethnic backgrounds – sports activities and fun games are the easiest and quickest way for young people to meet and befriend one another. Through sports, young people learn about such values as fair play, mutual respect, open communication and team work, which are not only important in sports, but also in everyday life. Such positive values contribute to strengthening the integration among the students from different languages of instruction.

The sports club of the school is supported by the Strengthening Multi-ethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project funded by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation. The Municipality of Strumica, as a partner in the project, also supports the activities whose purpose is to promote multiculturalism in the community.