The primary school “Marsal Tito” from Strumica conducted a campaign for a better safety of pedestrians

Under the motto “I’m a pedestrian, I should know” the students from the primary school “Marshal Tito” from the Municipality of Strumica conducted a campaign for respecting pedestrians in traffic in early May, 2018.

This campaign resulted from the work of 20 students of different languages of instruction from the traffic club in this school, all led by the desire to impact on the process of raising awareness among drivers.

With the support of their teachers, on a few joint meetings the students searched the internet in order to find information about protection of pedestrians and proper conduct in traffic, they came up with messages and created banners which were placed on a few locations in front of the pedestrian crossings and main crossroads in Strumica.

The implementation of the activity was also supported by the municipality, which through the Municipal Council for Traffic Safety provided part of the educational leaflets which conveyed the message “Act responsibly in the traffic for the good of all children on our streets and roads.

Тhis activity is supported by the Youth Ethnic Integration Project, funded by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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