Teacher manuals for personal development of students from 5th to 9th grade

Manuals for personal development of students from fifth to ninth grade intended for teachers who teach transversal and life skills to students were published in Macedonian and Albanian, within the project PEACOCK – “Peace through cooperation, competences and knowledge”.

The five manuals were prepared by the Department of International Projects in Education (IPE) at the Zürich University of Teacher Education, which coordinated the preparation and editing of all materials.  The contents have been reviewed by the Bureau for Development of Education and they are now available for use in our country as a resource for teachers for teaching life skills to students.

The manuals offer a model for teaching skills needed for students’ healthy psycho-physical development, as well as for building their personal identity. These life skills are taught through thematic units for self-awareness and perception of others, providing a high quality and healthy lifestyle, professional orientation and development of entrepreneurial thinking, as well as personal safety.

The manuals are available at the following links on the IPE website:

This activity is part of the PEACOCK Project – Peace through cooperation, competences and knowledge, supported by the Zürich University of Teacher Education.