Supporting and guiding the youth in times of uncertainty: the role of information in career orientation


The crisis situation with COVID-19 made young people’s insecurity about their choice of education and career possibilities that have a lasting impact on their lives even greater. This is one of the main reasons why Education for Employment in North Macedonia Project (E4E@мк), in collaboration with a few partners, created a network to address the impacts of the pandemic on education and keep young people informed about their options when choosing their education and career.

For this purpose, an informative material ‘Guideline through Vocational Education Qualifications’ was prepared together with the Vocational Education and Training Centre (VET Centre), which was predominantly meant for primary school support services as well as for the whole teaching staff, the parents and future secondary school students. The guideline is accessible in the Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and Serbian languages through multiple platforms and it contains information regarding the possibilities offered by vocational education, a description of all occupational profiles together with qualifications and possibilities for continuing their education.

But this is only a part of the many activities to support young people. You can read more about them here –