START THE CHANGE: The students from PS “Braka Ramiz-Hamid” in Skopje participated in numerous activities

The past period was marked by numerous activities led by students from PS “Braka Ramiz-Hamid” from Skopje within the Start the Change project. With the support of their teachers and observing the protection protocols, they developed their skills, socialized and collaborated, leading to positive changes in their school.

In order to encourage physical activity among students, many interesting games and activities were organized. The students played with balls in the school yard, exercised in the school gym and rode bicycles. At the same time, they learned about respecting the rules in sports and developing a competitive and team spirit.

They developed their skills and acquired more knowledge about different cultures through a translation of the fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” from Macedonian into Romani. Afterwards, they recorded themselves reading the already prepared translation. This video is supposed to help students in lower grades learn the letters and read. In the future, teachers and students plan to work on other fairy tales together.

The students’ skills in oratory and argumentative expression were also improved. They gathered in the school hall and watched an animated film together with regard to the protection protocols. Then, they discussed such topics as multiethnicity, tolerance and trust and drew conclusions.

To allow them to relax and stimulate their creativity, the teachers organized an outdoors creative workshop with the students. The young people drew on a topic of their own choosing, made collages and created three-dimensional objects from natural materials. Related to nature, the younger students also got acquainted with the process of making bread from a grain of wheat. With the help of their teachers, they planted the grains and then processed them to get the final product.

All these activities contribute to greater involvement of young people at the school level and give them the opportunity to express their views and ideas for improving the situation in society.