START THE CHANGE – Creative activities of the students of SS “Nikola Karev” in Strumica

The past period was filled with many creative activities led by the students of SS “Nikola Karev” in Strumica. Respecting the epidemiological protection protocols, they implemented their ideas within the “Start the Change” project.

The activities started with landscaping the school yard. With the participation of the parents and a lumberjack, they felled damaged trees and designed appealing pots in which they planted flowers. The students participated in planting flowers, painting the benches and the gazebos as well as decorating the outside walls of the school with different colors and works of art.

This activity enabled joint cooperation of students from different ethnic communities, teamwork and mutual respect for the proposals and ideas for achieving the same goal – making the school yard look like they imagined.

As part of the art club, they expressed their creativity through drawings on the theme of “The Voice of the Student”, which contained elements of different attitudes and cultures. Even though they belong to different ethnic communities, the students showed that they all have the same, common needs and used the drawings to make their voices heard about the need for a better society for all.

The students planned and organized a bazaar with creative items, jewelry and souvenirs that they themselves made. The bazaar was of humanitarian nature and the collected funds were used for making bedclothes that were donated to the persons from the Institute for Protection and Rehabilitation – Banja Bansko. The students from the textile vocation made the bedclothes, thereby proving that with better creative and team work they can help where needed.

The activities within the “Start the Change” project are still in progress, contributing to increased youth participation and providing opportunities for students to participate in the decision-making aimed at improving the situation in their school and community.