Secondary school students prepared a brochure with healthy food recipes

The students from the partner schools SU “Mitko Pendzukliski” from Kratovo and SU “Ismet Jasari” from Lipkovo jointly prepared a brochure with healthy food recipes. The long-term partnership between the two schools in which the teaching process is conducted in different languages of instruction is supported by the USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project.

In the process of preparation of the brochure, the high school students from different ethnic communities jointly discussed the role of healthy diet for the overall health of the people. During the meetings, young people got to know each other better and created new friendships.

The communication that was necessary for the implementation of this activity brought the two schools closer together.  We, as students, not only learnt one from another, but also spent time together, deepened our friendship and gained new experiences. We gained new knowledge about healthy food and about the things we should eat in order to be not only physically, but also emotionally healthy. We all gave our contribution to the preparation of the brochure by sharing innovative ideas and opinions“, said a student from SU “Mitko Pendzukliski”.

The USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project supports partner activities between schools that encourage mutual interaction between young people from different ethnic communities. Furthermore, through activities on topics that are important for the community, young people acquire civic and democratic values.

This activity is part of the Youth Ethnic Integration Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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