Promotion of the Research for Inclusion of the Out-of-School Children in the Education System


More than 70 representatives from educational institutions, municipalities, civic and international organizations attended the public Promotion of the Research Report on the Inclusion of Out-of-School Children in the Educational System, held on January 11, 2018 in the Hotel Continental in Skopje.

Encouraged by the knowledge that despite the efforts of the institutions to ensure equal access to education for all children, the problem of non-enrolment and early primary school dropout is still not overcome, the Macedonian Civic Education Center and the Ministry of Education and Science, with the support from the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, conducted a comprehensive research regarding the issue of out-of-school children in the Republic of Macedonia.

The purpose of the research was to determine the number and identity of school-age children who do not attend elementary school and to discover the main reasons for this, but also to propose specific measures and solutions aimed at reducing the number of out-of school children and students who leave primary school.

The research covered 49 primary schools from 12 municipalities, primarily through field data collection, interviews and focus groups, but also by analyzing relevant normative acts – laws and by-laws in the field of education, which contain provisions for enrolment and retention of children in elementary schools.

The entire research is available here.

This activity is part of the Inclusion of Out-of-school Children in the Educational System Project, funded by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF).