Playful activities with FACE in the PS “Kiril i Metodij” – Tetovo

In October, Doris Kuhn, a representative of the University of Teacher Education in Zürich, Switzerland, visited our country in order to monitor some of the activities within the project PEACOCK – Peace through cooperation, competencies and knowledge.

She visited the primary school “Kiril i Metodij” in Tetovo where activities for building life skills of students were successfully implemented within the Families and Children in Education – FACE program. FACE aims to support the development of life skills and competencies of children and involves the active participation of students through games and tasks that are integrated into the curriculum.

During the classes, the guest from Switzerland and the representatives of the Bureau for Development of Education and the Macedonian Center for Civic Education had the opportunity to feel the atmosphere in the classroom, which was filled with interest, enthusiasm and joy of the students while they were completing the program topics.

In the course of the visit to the school, the involved teachers also received copies of the FACE and “Personal Development of Students” manuals, provided through the project. The manuals are also available in electronic form at the following link –

In the period to follow, the students will participate in interesting initiatives and activities through which they will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills and competencies.

The FACE program is implemented within the project PEACOCK – Peace through cooperation, competences and knowledge, which is supported by the University of Teacher Education from Zürich, Switzerland, and implemented by the MCEC in partnership with the Bureau for Development of Education.