Survival Skills for Trainers of Apprentices in Initial VET – Partner organizations meet to develop and finalize intellectual papers

After more than a year filled with challenges due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, representatives of partner organizations from Bulgaria, Spain, Lithuania and North Macedonia had the opportunity to meet in person at a transnational, partnership meeting held in Skopje in early October, as part of the project Survival Skills for Trainers of Apprentices in Initial VET.

The meeting was a great opportunity for the partners to further strengthen their cooperation, to discuss the already implemented activities, the achievements so far, as well as the activities planned in the coming period. All representatives took an active part and gave their opinion, discussing all aspects of the project.

The main topic was the finalization of the Intellectual Paper 1 – Advanced Program for Trainers of Company Mentors, and each of the partner organizations had a presentation where they informed the others in more details about the workshops for trainers of company mentors, which were held in each country. They jointly discussed the results of the evaluations and made decisions about what needs to be improved and supplemented in the program.

At the end, the final product of the Intellectual Paper 1 was defined, and tasks and responsibilities were assigned related to planning the next activities for the development and preparation of the second intellectual paper.

The project is working on the preparation of innovative, intellectual papers in order to support the company mentors in the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of the programs for the initial vocational education and training.