Online youth activism workshop with the students from the Idea Fusion Center

The students from the Idea Fusion Center, along with their teachers and the coordinators of the interethnic integration teams from their schools, participated in a youth activism workshop supported by the USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project, in cooperation with the Youth Educational Forum.

During the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the importance of youth activism, but also its types. In addition, they had the chance to hear examples of successful youth initiatives from the practice and to inspire themselves to initiate activities for improvement of the situation in their schools and the community. By getting acquainted with the parts that make up these initiatives, they learned how to plan them.

Promotion plays an important role in the success of the initiatives. Therefore, the participants received guidance in terms of the promotion of their activities, especially through the use of digital tools and platforms. In the second part of the workshop, the students and the teachers from each school worked in groups and came up with creative ideas for positive changes. They discussed their possible benefits and the manner in which they could be implemented.

Within the Idea Fusion Center, this year, support will be provided for ten creative ideas for positive changes originating from the members of the center. The students will continue to cooperate although they come from different locations across the country and try to find ways to implement the ideas in their schools and communities.

This activity is part of the Youth Ethnic Integration Project, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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