Multimedia club in the “Toli Zordumis” school in Kumanovo


In mid-May, in the “Toli Zardulis” primary school in Kumanovo, another workshop was held within the school’s multimedia club, supported by the Strengthening Multiethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project.

Supported by the project, whose purpose is to promote multicultural values and active participation of students of different ethnic backgrounds in various activities, 16 students of Macedonian and Albanian language of instruction have been cooperating and socializing within the club for quite some time now.  Under the mentorship of their teachers, they learn how to create multimedia content and how to promote it.

In the recent period, the young people have already developed a concept for a short film scenario that will portray the school and the daily activities that are being carried out within it. At the last meeting that took place on May 18, the students finalized the planned scenario and presented it on decorative cardboards.

The young talents are quickly wrapping up their final product and they are very eager to share their work with their classmates, teachers and parents. The joint organization of the film promotion, which is planned for the beginning of June, will once again prove the exceptional cooperation of the youth involved.

This activity is part of the Strengthening multi-ethnic cooperation in municipalities Project, funded by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF).