Meetings for providing tailored support to parents of out of school children


Within the period of August and September, 2017, the Macedonian Civic Education Center, PCF and the MoES organized meetings with parents of out-of-school children in 12 municipalities.

These meetings are continuation of the field research carried out in 12 municipalities with the objective to identify as much as possible out of school children and the reasons for drop out and nonattendance.

The meetings were carried out in order to elaborate to parents of out of school children the objectives of the project and the tailored support planned to be provided. The parents also had the opportunity to indicate their reasons for having their children out of school and to point out what are the needs that need to be met in order for their children to be enrolled in school. The positive response by the parents and the confidence that was built gives an additional motive to the project to continue even stronger with the tailored support.

This activity is part of the Inclusion of out-of-school children in the educational system Project, funded by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF).