MCEC celebrates its 17 birthday!

During July, Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC) celebrates 17 years of its existence. These years were filled with continuous work towards achieving democratic changes in society and improving education in the fields of civic education, interethnic integration, inclusion, youth engagement, decentralization, secondary vocational education, mathematical and linguistic literacy, school renovations, donations of teaching visual aids, capacity building for school staff, municipalities and many others. On this birthday, it is our utmost pleasure to look back on all that.

MCEC collaborated with all primary and secondary schools and municipalities in the country, involving all relevant stakeholders in project activities. With active participation of teachers, school management representatives, school administration staff and professional staff, schools were supported to create systemic changes in their working and learning environment.

We believe in the voice of youth, in their proactivity and creative ideas for improving the conditions in their communities. That’s why we constantly work on including students in decision-making processes and building partnerships with educational institutions for additional institutionalization of the project interventions towards promotion of local communities. Even during the pandemic caused by COVID-19, continuation of the educational process was ensured through multiple activities and young people were supported through distance education to continue to implement initiatives for bettering the environments in which they live and learn.

To contribute and offer support, through the years MCEC developed programs and provided services to educational and other public institutions, local communities, the non-governmental sector, the business sector and citizens for the continuous development of the civil society. More than 97,000 manuals, brochures and other publications and know-how materials were published and disseminated to institutions, municipalities and schools throughout the country. Also, MCEC developed promotional video materials and animated videos to raise awareness for specific educational topics.

The numerous activities, led by the hard-working MCEC team, continue in the future, as well, involving even more partners and collaborators.

What we have especially learned in the past period is that only together and caring for each other we can build a better tomorrow for everyone. Thank you all for being a part of our story!

May we celebrate many more birthdays together!