Interethnic integration in schools – an incentive for integration in the municipalities

At the primary school Panajot Ginovski from Butel the classes are held in the Macedonian and Albanian languages of instruction. The students learning in different languages of instruction rarely have an opportunity to get to know each other during the classes. In order to enable them to spend more time together, a school club was established at this school in which students learning in both languages of instruction participate, with the support of the Strengthening Multiethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project supported by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation.

From the beginning of this school year, around thirty students from different ethnic communities spend time together every week in the school club called “The Musketeers of Science” and learn about the sources of energy, engineering and robotics. During the first semester, they made a robot together, while in the second semester they have been actively working on an electrical circuit model.

“We managed to make a robot. First of all, all of us together created a drawing of what it should look like and then, divided into groups, we cut out all the parts, after which we joined them and in the end we got something that functions quite well”, said one of the students, pointing out that this school club enables young people from various ethnicities to continuously cooperate with each other.

In addition to building team spirit, through this school club, the teachers also foster the children’s curiosity and encourage their creative potential. These primary schools students constantly make new creative products, often with the support of their parents.

“I find it really interesting because I met many other children, I made new friends. Also, the activities that we do are very creative and they are not like the ones at school – here we feel very free and we express our creativity”, said another student who is a member of the school club.

This school year, through the Strengthening Multiethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project, joint school clubs have been supported in 27 schools, comprising more than 2700 students. The objective of the project is to improve the interethnic integration in education by creating curricular and extracurricular activities with students from different ethnic communities, thus contributing to the strengthening of multiethnic cooperation in the municipalities.

This activity is part of the Strengthening Multiethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project, funded by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation. The main goal of the project is to increase interethnic integration in the society, promoting multiculturalism and actively involving the students of different ethnic backgrounds in various activities.