Interesting digital activities as a part of the joint school clubs for interethnic integration in schools

Students that study in different languages of instruction and are from the project primary schools hung out together and participated in interesting digital activities as a part of the school clubs. These activities happen within the Strengthening Multi-ethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project supported by Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation.

Due to the crisis caused by COVID-19, numerous initiatives continue to be implemented through digital platforms and tools. Through a mutual collaboration, the students manage to make creative products and to research topics that interest them.

Within the „Blacksmiths of Learning“ school club at the primary school „Panajot Ginovski“ in Skopje, the students discussed about the technique of embroidery and presented their works. They embroidered each letter of the message „#STAY HOME!“ on a piece of cloth in order to raise awareness of health protection and preventing the spread of the virus. Also, the students talked about possible upcoming activities and decided to make an electronic newspaper with all of their works so far.

The students from the primary school „Marsal Tito“ in Strumica, continued implementing activities within the school clubs, as well. The members of the „Young Researchers“ school club, on their initiative, organized a humanitarian activity that included crafting 100 protective masks from old clothes that were in good shape, meant for older people or for those that aren’t able to get them.

In the past period, multiple activities were implemented by students from the primary school „Marsal Tito“ in v. Murtino as a part of the „Young Physicians“ school club. One of them was making an electromagnet through a safe home experiment that didn’t involve electricity. The students made around a hundred windings from a weak copper wire on a piece of soft steel. Then, they connected the ends of the wire to the battery’s poles. After the electromagnet was finished, on the digital communication platforms they talked with their teachers about the ways it operates and its implementation in everyday life.

These activities that are implemented within the school clubs encourage young people to take on interesting initiatives and give them an opportunity to have fun together while they are at home and learn in the spirit of interethnic integration.

This activity is part of the Strengthening Multi-ethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project, supported by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF).