Improving secondary school students’ English skills at the Access Winter Camp

More than 20 students from the secondary school Pero Nakov in Kumanovo attended the Access Winter Camp, organized in the middle of January, 2018 in Strumica. Supported by the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia, the camp was designed to improve the students’ English language skills and competences.

The camp participants engaged in debates, practiced delivering public speeches and expressed their creativity through writing stories and other creative workshops. In this way, not only the students improved their English language, but they also gained additional skills such as teamwork and critical thinking.

„I like the learning style that we are using, as well as the activities which help us deepen our friendships. My favorite parts were the Famous Speeches exercise ant the workshops that allowed us to express our creativity. I think we will miss this camp really much, but we will continue to strengthen our friendships”, said one of the students who attended the camp.

„Since we came to this camp, everything was new to us. Working in groups was very productive. Through cooperation, friendship and learning together we achieved good results. I liked the debate workshops because we gained new knowledge”, added another participant at the camp.

The goal of the English Access Microscholarship Program is to equip students with strong English language skills that can lead to better jobs, educational opportunities, and gaining the ability to participate in and compete for future exchanges and study in the United States. In addition, Access students enhance their knowledge about the U.S. culture, history and democratic values.

This activity is part of English Access Microscholarship Program Project, funded by the United States Embassy in Macedonia.