Improving primary schools through strengthening the school quality assessment framework

In the frames of the Primary Education Improvement Project (PEIP), implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science with World Bank’s support, Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC) works with the State Education Inspectorate on strengthening the indicators for quality assessment of schools, improving the framework for integral evaluation and self-evaluation of primary schools, and the school improvement planning. The project is expected to lead to more efficient and effective process of quality assessment of schools, connected to a possibility for receiving a grant for the most successful schools.

In order to assess the experiences of schools and education inspectors with the current quality evaluation policy and hear their suggestions for improvement, throughout October and November, document analysis was conducted, electronic survey was administered to schools, four regional meetings were held with inspectors, and focus group discussions were organized with school teams in eleven pilot schools. The proposals of schools and inspectors will be integrated in the new school evaluation framework.

Additionally, a functional analysis of the State Education Inspectorate was initiated with the aim to assist the institution in improving the internal organization and processes and make the most with the human and technical resources available.

The activities will continue with forming a working group to work on the revised set of indicator framework for schools’ quality assessment.