Creative activities within the joint school clubs for interethnic integration

The students continue to hang out and participate in interesting activities within the joint school clubs for interethnic integration of the project “Strengthening Multiethnic Cooperation in Municipalities”, supported by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF).

As a part of the Math school club in PS “Zivko Brajkovski” from Butel, young people jointly participated in games for advancing their mathematical skills through distance learning. To keep the students’ attention, the team that is responsible for the implementation of the activities made a change and incorporated something new – learning the sign language.

Two children with special needs that have a hearing impairment study in this school. As a result, the special educator Berna firstly started a series of workshops in the classes where these students study to make the communication and the integration of students with special needs easier. Afterward, this activity for learning the sign language was combined with the mathematical games within the Math school club. After a few online meetings, the students successfully started to master sign language and have already learned specific words and sentences in this language. They make up other activities that are connected to Math and sign language, too, and at the same time develop their creativity.

“The workshops are conducted in a very positive atmosphere. We realize the received guidelines and activities with will and interest. I am very satisfied and happy that I expand my circle of friends and learn new things,” says one of the students.

Berna adds, “All games were educational and can be implemented in domestic conditions, as well. Some of them can help children with special needs learn the school material and develop their motor skills. The results that the students achieve are surprising in terms of their fast mastering of the activity. The students jointly collaborate regardless of their nationality and the language they speak and show positive attitude”.

In PS “Marsal Tito” from Strumica, a few meetings were realized within the Math school club. They were aimed at crafting small houses for birds under the motto “Let’s feed birds in winter”. The students together with their teachers, the school team and a parent, successfully made the planned birdhouses. They painted and decorated the houses. Then, they presented their crafts through digital platforms, explaining how they made them. Respecting all protection protocols, the students together with their teachers placed these birdhouses near the school and filled them with appropriate food.

This year, in PS “Marsal Tito” from v. Murtino, the school club “Young Physicists” with 20 students that study in two languages of instruction (Macedonian and Turkish language) was conducted. Within the school club, the students with their teachers explore experimental research activities that are related to Physics in more detail. Due to the situation with the virus, all activities are implemented at a distance. So, one of these activities is the “Vulcan eruption”. During this activity, the students first learned about the meaning of volcanoes and the reasons for their eruptions. Then, they focused on making a model of a volcano at home.

These joint activities help students develop their skills while learning new things and implementing creative ideas. They hang out with their fellow students that study in different languages of instruction, getting to know more ethnic communities and languages.

This activity is part of the Strengthening Multi-ethnic Cooperation in Municipalities Project, supported by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF).