Certificates аwarded to students from the Access program in Veles

At the end of June, 2019, the ceremony of awarding certificates was held for the students from the “Koco Racin” secondary school in Veles who have successfully completed the two-year Access program. The event was attended also by Eric Elliot, a U.S. Embassy representative who, with his opening remarks, marked the beginning of the event and acknowledged the joint successes of the students and their teachers.

During the event, the students presented the products they produced in the past two years in front of a large number of parents, representatives from the Municipality of Veles and the US Embassy, as well as students from the previous Access generation.

“Access was a productive way of passing time. I thought that there was no room for learning when you have so much fun and socialize with friends, but I was wrong. Access did exactly that. For that I am grateful. Throughout all this fun time, in addition to learning, I also broke the ice, so now I feel confident when speaking English. Every class, without even thinking about it, you begin to develop in terms of your communication skills, critical thinking and understanding and respect for the opinions of others. That is what Access is”, said the student Roberto Andov about his participation in the program.

Otherwise, the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) aims to develop students’ conversational skills in English through a variety of experiential learning activities. The students are given the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of the American way of life, the educational system, the celebration of national holidays, the political and cultural life, as well as the traditions and values of USA in an unusual way.

“Access for us students means friendship, lots of laughter, learning and hard work. This program has helped us all to learn a lot of new things, acquire new skills and be open to new opportunities and friends. Access means learning English in a completely different way, which was not previously available to us. We are in touch with the American culture and this makes learning much more fun and interactive. But, Access means much more than this. These past two years we grew up in every sense of the word. Thanks to Access we have more confidence and memories that are worth sharing and we learned a lot of new things”, added Simona and Anastasija Andovski.

The English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) is supported by the U.S. Embassy in North Macedonia.

Photo gallery from the event