Access program students got together online to celebrate the successful closure of their school year

The students who are participants in the Access program – Microscholarship for better access to the English language, supported by the US Embassy in Skopje, have marked the end of the classes for this school year through joined online meeting on a digital communication platform. The online event had a special guest Mr. Eric Elliot, Assistant Public Affair Officer from the US Embassy Skopje, who joined the active discussion of the students. He shared details from his personal and professional life and less known facts about the United States.

During the digital meeting, the students conveyed their experiences and impressions from the Access classes where they learn about democracy, civic participation, values etc. They presented their satisfaction from participation in the interesting events and the new things they have learned about the American culture and the English language.

“For me, Access was one of the best experiences and I recommend to the students to join and meet many new friends,” says Arbin.

Anita concludes, “The students from different ethnic communities are participating in the program and it was a great experience to learn about each other.”

For the students, the extra-curricula activities and visits outside of the classroom are one of the favorite experiences. Through smiles, students told about their visits to cinemas and theaters and their participation in camps where they were part of fun activities like talent shows and karaoke nights. Inspired by the online classes and the new situation, they have drawn paintings and presented them to Eric, and the rest of the teachers and students from the country.

The discussion with Eric continued on different themes and interests among which were the disco songs, favorite places in the United States, traditional foods and many others. In the end, Eric motivated the students with an inspiring story about his career and the professional path that he had gone through in order to get to the diplomatic profession.

“Use all the chances that you get in life. Be prepared to work on different jobs before you find your dream job. Stay busy and work hard. If you are flexible, in the end, you will achieve what you want. You cannot be successful if you do not make mistakes,” he gave them advice.

The classes from Access program will be implemented in the new school year when the students will continue to develop their skills for the English language and enrich their knowledge about the American lifestyle, political and cultural environment as well as the American values and traditions.

This activity is part of the English Access Microscholarship Program, supported by the United States Embassy in North Macedonia.