Access program students develop their life skills

Through interactive, productive and fun extracurricular activities, more than 200 students, who are a part of the Access program – Microscholarship for better access to the English language, supported by the US Embassy in Skopje, learn new things and develop their personal and life skills. Some of these activities are the online conversations that happen every Thursday with different interesting guests that present their life story and their message to the students.

During one of these meetings, the students got an opportunity to discuss their future plans as well as their ideas and the challenges that they face as young people. They presented their dreams for the future after they finish their secondary education. From a successful forensic scientist, fighter for protecting human values and protecting Planet Earth to worldwide volunteers and an author of novels, their ideas were different and creative.

“The most important thing is to believe in ourselves and in our dream because that way nothing will be able to stop us. I want to encourage everyone to find a dream and follow it until it comes true”, says the student Ermira.

Then, the students discussed the difficulties imposed by the crisis situation with COVID-19 and the inability to hang out and go out often. But they also pointed out the positive sides of distance learning like having more time and the opportunity to attend classes without having to commute via different means of transport. Among the other topics on the meeting were their interests, the importance of working out and sporting as well as their favorite activities in their free time and failures that are a part of life.

“People learn through their falls. That’s why don’t quit and keep dreaming and accomplishing your dreams”, Borka Taneska from the US Embassy in Skopje advised the students.

Through hanging out and exchanging opinions, they strengthened their argumentative speaking in English and their skills for presenting, public speaking and debating. This way, they have a chance to improve their academic accomplishments, as well.

This activity is part of the English Access Microscholarship Program, supported by the United States Embassy in North Macedonia.