A youth action in Gevgelija for beautifying the City Park

The students from the primary schools “Vlado Kantardziev” and “Krste Misirkov” and the secondary school “Josif Josifovski” from Gevgelija organized a youth action for embellishing the city park on Marsal Tito Street. The youth action was supported by the Municipality of Gevgelija and the USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project, in cooperation with the Youth Educational Forum.

Youngsters from various ethnic communities, observing all the protection protocols, participated in the placement of new urban equipment, the painting of the fence and the equipment and the landscaping. New lighting was also installed in the park which gave it a better and more modern appearance. The youth action was also attended by the principals of the three schools, the teachers who helped the students and representatives from the municipal administration.

During the action, the students were visited by the Mayor of the Municipality of Gevgelija, Saso Pockov, who said: “It is my great pleasure to meet the demands and the needs of our youngest citizens and to make our hometown a better place to live in with the help of this youth action. I am truly pleased that the cooperation continues and that their call for action in the social spheres of living is being heard. Concurrently, in this manner we are contributing to positive interactions between youngsters from various ethnicities at a school and community level, as well as to the improvement of the civic education skills, behaviours and volunteering practices among young people”.

One of the students who participated in the action added: “It is our real pleasure and honour to have implemented this youth action as one of the ideas put forward by the young people of the Municipality of Gevgelija aimed at the improvement of the citizens’ life, i.e., making the city park a place where all generations will be able to spend their free time”.

There will be more youth actions in the forthcoming period which will involve many more students from various municipalities throughout the country.

This activity is part of the Youth Ethnic Integration Project, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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