18 years MCEC!

Today, MCEC celebrates 18 years of its existence! Take a look at the 18 facts that marked these 18 years:
  1. Constant work towards democratic change in society
  2. Improving the teaching of civic education
  3. Promoting interethnic integration in education
  4. Involving students in the decision-making processes so that the voice of young people is heard
  5. Ensuring greater inclusion in education
  6. Cooperation with all primary and secondary schools in the country
  7. Improving the learning and working conditions of thousands of students and teachers by renovating schools
  8. Cooperation and support for all municipalities in the country
  9. Partnerships with educational institutions
  10. Capacity building of school staff and municipalities
  11. Supporting schools in creating systemic change through active participation of teachers, school management representatives, school administration staff and professional staff
  12. Implementation of programs and provision of services to educational and other public institutions, non-governmental sector, local communities, business sector and citizens for the continuous development of civil society
  13. Advancing local communities
  14. Supporting and promoting of secondary vocational education
  15. Preparing, publishing and distributing more than 97,000 manuals, brochures, other publications and educational materials to institutions, municipalities and schools across the country and preparing of promotional videos
  16. Travelling to all parts of the country
  17. Teamwork and caring for each other because only then can we build a better tomorrow for all
  18. Celebrating the coming of age with the hope of even greater successes and achievements

Thank you for being a part of our story! Let’s keep writing it together and celebrating many more birthdays! šŸŽ‰