Renovation and Refurbishment of the Early Childhood Development Centers in Demir Kapija and Krusevo


Duration: March – May 2019
Donor: UNICEF Office in North Macedonia

Objective: In North Macedonia, the enrollment of three to six-year-old children in preschool education was about 39%, which was among the lowest in Europe, and attendance was even lower.
The positive benefits of attending preschool during this period of rapid brain growth in raising children’s academic achievements are crucial. To achieve this priority, it was important to support local communities in the process of opening early childhood development centers (ECD centers) as an alternative form for preschool education in settings where full child care is not necessary, and only early learning and development program is implemented for two to three hours per day.
The main goal of the project was renovation of the early childhood development centers in Bucin (Krusevo) and Bistrenci (Demir Kapija) that enabled access to preschool education for approximately 60 children which contributed to increasing the enrollment rate in these two municipalities.

• The early childhood development centers were renovated and equipped with furniture and didactical materials;
• Preschool staff and municipality officials trained in quality early childhood education and ensuring sustainability through local partnerships;
• Enabled access to preschool education for approximately 60 children.