Inclusive Quality Education in Primary Schools


Duration: June 2016 – December 2017
Donor: UNICEF Office in North Macedonia

Objective: The aim of the project was to improve the understanding of the quality teaching in mathematics and language literacy among primary school teachers (teaching 1 to 5 grade) and to improve the teachers’ skills in using innovative teaching approaches whereby higher results of the students will be achieved with a particular focus on the students from vulnerable categories. With the support of UNICEF and foreign consultants, training was provided to teachers, school support staff, BDE advisors and SEI education inspectors who hold the roles of national educators and mentors responsible for the implementation of the trainings for all teachers in the 31 project schools and provision of mentor support for teachers in the schools.

• Competences for inclusive education teacher developed;
• Additional support provided to the students with special educational needs / learning difficulties;
• Parents and the wider community included in the process;
• Raised awareness of schools and other stakeholders to focus on enhancing the level of support to students from vulnerable groups and establish cooperation and mutual support between municipalities, schools and organizations involved in the project;
• Trainings organized in order to develop participants’ understanding and to improve the knowledge and skills needed to work with marginalized groups of students;
• School staff supported in the process of strengthening their capacities for planning, implementing and monitoring inclusion;
• Teachers and support staff trained for teaching programs and plans development and teaching methodological approaches in Gevgelija and Tabanovce transit centers and Center for asylum seekers in Vizbegovo.