Families and Children in Education (FACE)


Duration: January 2017 – December 2018
Donor: Zurich University of Teacher Education

Objective: Families and Children in Education (FACE) was a project that aimed to support children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, especially children of Roma ethnicity, to become aware of their capabilities and to encourage their personal development. Through active learning of life skills and developing the competences of these students, this project helped to increase their self-esteem and their trust in the value of schools and education. In this way, students were better prepared to cope with everyday life and find their own path in society.
The project was designed for children aged 4 to 14. This project involved 7 primary schools in which there were a greater number of Roma children and children from marginalized backgrounds.
The purpose of the project was to strengthen the capacities of the teachers and school support staff, ensuring sustainability and preparation of technical and professional materials.

• Trainings for teachers from 7 primary schools organized;
• Trained teachers were supported to share the information about FACE activities with teachers in their respective schools.