Education for Sustainable Development Partnership Initiative (ESdPI)


Duration: December 2010 – November 2012
Partners: Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC) and Network of Education Policy Centers (NEPC), proMente Social Research – Bosnia & Herzegovina, Eko Akcija – Bosnia & Herzegovina, Zelena Akcija – Croatia, Forum for Freedom of Education – Croatia, Center for Educational Research and Development, Institute for Social Research Zagreb – Croatia, PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies – Estonia, Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre/Estonian Institute for Sustainable Development – Estonia, International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management – Georgia, Kosovo Education Center – Kosovo, MAR – Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation – Kosovo, Environmental association Planetum – Strumica – Macedonia Center Education 2000+ – Romania, Focus association for sustainable development – Slovenia.
Donor: European Union
Locations: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, Slovenia & Georgia

Objective: Develop a strong regional partnership among educational and environmental CSOs to instigate, sustain and address at public authorities and local businesses educational activities concerning environmental aspects of the acquis and the common EU policies and action on climate change.

• 8 national and 1 comparative educational research reports created to provide a foundation for the development of individual national policies and educational advocacy campaigns;
• 4 intra-Initiative workshops to share information and expertise organized;
• 3 educational modules developed on the environmental aspects of the acquis and the climate change commitments;
• National educational policy recommendation developed and national advocacy campaign conducted.