English Language Program Administration Dreams and Friendship Graphic Novel


Duration: August 2017 – September 2018
Implementer: Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC)
Partners: U.S. Embassy in Macedonia
Target Group: Primary school students age 12-14 and high school students age 14-16.
Locations: 5

Objective: The one year program is to provide students with opportunities to advance English language skills, develop critical thinking skills and raise awareness on gender equality and tolerance. Dreams and Friendship provides Skype sessions with US counterparts and research on different poems by Langston Hughes while Graphic Novel focuses on US related topics presented through comic style storytelling and graphic illustrations.

Dreams and Friendship Program Overview:
Led by an English language teacher, elementary schools students age 12-14 meet twice a week for hour long classes to learn about multiethnic population in the USA, values, culture and language as well as meet and exchange opinions with US counterparts once per month via Skype sessions. Students work on different poems by Langston Hughes and evaluate and analyze the multiethnic and multicultural background of USA. Students research different poems written by Langston Hughes, its’ meaning and significance and write their own poems and share them with their American friends.  Students also discuss topics such as youth rights, civic duty, interethnic cohesion, volunteerism, tolerance and equality, related with their school, community and country.
Graphic Novel Program Overview:
Led by English language teacher and graphic designer/illustrator, high school students age 14-16 meet once a week for two hour class to improve their English language and enhance their critical thinking skills. Students meet and engage into research and discussions about topics connected with gender equality, tolerance and mutual understanding which they later present through comic style storytelling and graphic illustrations. During the program, the students have the opportunity to meet and work with graphic novel author and illustrator from the United States and present their graphic illustrations created during the program.

Expected Results:
– Improve English language skills and competences.
– Open a window to a broader world and opportunities and increase academic opportunities for higher-level education.
– Allow students to better contribute to the socio-economic success of their communities.
– Raise awareness on social topics and promote equality on different issues.
– Acquire extraordinary skills and competences and apply them in future.