Vocational Skills Development Project (VSD)


Start date: March, 2018

Duration of the project:
1. Entry phase – 10 months
2. Phase 1 – 4 years
3. Phase 2 – 4 years
4. Exit phase – 2 years

Donor: Swiss Development Cooperation

1. Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Switzerland
2. Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC)
3. Economic Chamber of Macedonia

Vision of the project: A more inclusive and quality formal and non-formal training system, resulting from a successful engagement and collaboration among training providers and public agencies as well as enterprises, enabling more young women and men to increase their employability and obtain gainful employment.

Beneficiaries: The project will primarily benefit unemployed or underemployed youth, strongly considering gender and ethnicity, but also other groups in socially disadvantaged position.

Main outcomes:
– Under- and unemployed women and men, especially those at risk of poverty or social exclusion, have access to and use of inclusive and relevant VSD.
– More young women and men have access to and use quality and relevant formal vocational training.
– Through enhanced collaboration of all VSD involved actors framework conditions are improved and enable design, implementation and monitoring of VSD.