Parent School Partnership at Primary School “Braka Ramiz i Hamid”, Skopje, Municipality of Shuto Orizari

Program Timeframe:
September 1 – December 31, 2005

Funding: United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the framework of the Participant Training Program implemented by World Learning / Macedonia and

Implementing partners:
Macedonian Civic Education Centre (MCEC) & Center for Institutional Development (CIRa)

Program overview:
In order to improve the current situation in the biggest Roma Primary School “Braka Ramiz-Hamid”, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through World Learning and its implementing partners – the Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC) and the Center for Institutional Development (CIRa), approved the implementation of an initial short-term program “Physical Environment & Human Capacity Development at Roma Primary School” to: a) improve the physical learning environment of students; and b) ensure human capacity development by motivating teachers, enabling parents to feel ownership of the school progress, increasing the responsiveness of the school management to the needs of both students and parents, and maximizing usage of the school facilities via extra curricular activities. The “Braka Ramiz – Hamid” school building in Municipality of Suto Orizari has 5,400 m2; up to 2,100 students attend the school and 100 teachers implement the teaching process.

Project Stakeholders

  • Parent School Partnership Group (PSP Group)
  • Teachers and students involved in extra curricula activities

Expected outcomes:

  • Improved school environment/infrastructure;
  • Increased involvement of parents, teachers and school management in addressing school issues;
  • Skilled PSP Group able to continue its work beyond project completion;
  • Established positive practices in school decision-making and participatory approaches;
  • Increased participation of students in extra-curricular activities.

The accomplishments of the project are as follows:

1) School repairs / improvements include:

  • Replacement of 35 classroom doors;
  • Renovation of 923,52 m2 classroom floors with “Vinflex” tiles;
  • Replacement of windows in 7 classrooms;
  • Small repairs of pipes in the toilets;
  • Installment of window frames in the Mathematics and IT classrooms.

Please click the following link for photos from school repairs/improvements.

2) Supply of 906 textbooks for economically disadvantaged students from grades 1- 4
In order to address the need for providing free-of-charge textbooks to those students who were not able to buy books for the new school year, MCEC proceeded with procurement of textbooks for grade 1-4 students. Books were delivered to the school and were officially received by the School Principal and the President of the Parent Council.


3) Implementation of Capacity Building Program for the Parent School Partnership Group (PSP Group)
In order to build the capacity of the Parent Council and school representatives from “Braka Ramiz – Hamid” Primary School, as well as to introduce positive practices of effective communication and cooperation between parents and teachers/school management staff this project includes capacity building training program for the PSP Group that includes the following training program:

1.Team Building and Participatory Decision Making
2.Family – School Cooperation
3.Resources Mobilization
4.Coordinative meetings with the PSP group

4) Support of extra-curricular activities that involve 430 students
In order to maximize the usage of school facilities via extra-curricular activities and to support an increased involvement of students in such initiatives, the project worked with teachers and students on identifying, selecting, supporting and implementing various extra-curricular activities. Teachers were invited to offer their ideas on how to improve the ongoing extra curricular activities, as well as to propose ideas about new initiatives in order to bring the students together in activities according to their interests and to motivate their active participation. The goal of this project component was not only to bring an increased number of involved students in such initiatives, but to ensure quality involvement of the students as well.

5) Realization of Final School Celebration by PSP Group
On December 16, 2005, the Parent School Partnership (PSP) Group, teachers, the school management team and students organized the final close-out event to share the results of the project with the donors and the larger community. Representatives from USAID, World Learning, MCEC, CIRa, the municipality, parents, teachers and students, all attended the celebration. The school celebration event included the performances of preschool-groups, the school orchestra and the school drama section. The School Principal awarded Certificates of Appreciation to USAID, World Learning, MCEC, CIRa, the Parent Council and the most active teachers. The guests had the opportunity to visit the exhibition of extra-curricular school activities in the gym hall and walked through the renovated classrooms.