Working meeting with schools held

On 12 November 2018, a working meeting was held with the schools selected within the program for support of the existing school sections through the USAID Youth Ethnic Integration Project. The goal of the meeting was to provide the schools with directions for successful implementation of the planned interethnic integration activities.

At the start, the administrative processes of the program were presented so that the schools would get clear and precise information and guidelines about the necessary documents and the manner of their preparation and sending. Later on, information was shared about the process of evaluation of the implemented activities by conducting pre-assessment and post-assessment, as well as guidelines for better communication of the results of the activities with the public.

Finally, the school representatives worked in groups together with interethnic integration in education mentors. By directly cooperating with the school representatives, support and guidelines were given for better implementation of the activities approved in the applications.

In the school year 2018/2019, the Project will support the following 20 schools to organize integrated school clubs:
– ASUC “Boro Petrusevski”, Skopje
– SSS “Sportska Akdemija”, Skopje
– PS “Bratstvo Edinstvo”, Ohrid
– PS “Bratstvo Migjeni”, Tetovo
– PS “Vasil Glavinov”, Veles
– PS “Vera Ciriviri Trena”, v. Debreste, Dolneni
– PS “Goce Delcev”, Aerodrom
– PS “Goce Delcev”, Bitola
– PS “Dame Gruev”, Strumica
– PS “Zivko Brajkovski“, Butel
– PS “Josip Broz Tito”, Valandovo
– PS “Junus Emre”, v. Lisicani, Plasnica
– PS “Kiril i Metodij”, v. Stajkovci, Gazi Baba
– PS “Pere Tosev“, Dolneni
– PS “Petar Zdravkovski Penko”, Butel
– PS “Straso Pindzur”, v. Josifovo, Valandovo
– SEOU “Gostivar”, Gostivar
– SEPUGS “Arseni Jovkov”, City of Skopje
– SS “Ibrahim Temo”, Struga
– SS “Cvetan Dimov”, Cair

The support is intended so that the schools would organize and implement activities within the existing school clubs, which promote the interests, creativity and capabilities of students. By participating in these school clubs, the teachers who lead existing school clubs in different languages of instruction and their students will be able to work together in one school club on the same topic in their school, and, in doing so, to communicate and get to know each other better, cooperate and jointly create products, at the same time promoting interethnic cooperation, civic culture and behaviour.

This activity is part of the Youth Ethnic Integration Project, funded by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).